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Here at Resonance Ventura we elevate your well-being through Sensory Resonance/Vibrational/Frequency Therapies.

Our wellness center blends ancient philosophies with modern science to transcend "Fight/Flight defenses" offering one-of-a-kind healing sessions that powerfully address the us that is mental, physical and emotional.


"One of the most absolutely incredible healing experiences I've had in my 41 years of life. Pamela is a true shining star with extreme knowledge and a huge heart for helping people and healing. If I could give 100 Stars I would. Thank you Pamela for a wonderful experience and I will be back soon!!!!"

Google Review - Geoff

"What a great experience. I had my first Sensorium session. The benefits I experienced from the light, sound and vibration were truly amazing, my session reduced my stress level, I felt a sense of calm and peace when I was done. Resonance is a warm and inviting space. I recommend you reach out to Pamela to learn more about how you too can benefit."

Google Review - Steven

"Pamela is an incredibly kind and loving healer. She is very in tune and she is able to listen to you in a way that makes you feel understood. I have been getting the sensorium treatments and they have helped immensely with processing the grief of losing my mom. I am incredibly grateful."

Yelp Review - Lauren

Tony Robbins - [Sensorium] “The most advanced tool for consciousness integration ever developed”
Dr. Micheal Galitzer, American Health Institute - “VibraSound has transformed my practice...
it is the most effective tool I have for reducing stress in my clients”
Hyla Cass, MD., - National Institute of Longevity / Institute of Health - “VibraSound is a unique approach that can make a powerful differnce in any therapeutic environment. I highly recommend it
Sensorium / VibraSound / InnerSense Featured in: Forbes, Esquire, LA WEEKLY, Los Angeles Times, Haute Living, Medium, Bloomberg, KTLA5, FOX11 LOS ANGELES, GROOMED LA, BIOHACK-HERS, Liberty Star Dispatch

Experience Vibration like never before! We elevate minds, bodies, and souls. Profound stress relief, inner peace and rejuvenation as we transcend flight/fight defenses to alter moods, create wellness and healing while on a journey of sensory delight.

Sensory Resonance Therapy includes Sounds and Tones, Light and Vibration with synchronization of all providing healing benefits of mental, emotional, psychological and visceral healing impacting your body, mind, and spirit.

Sensory Resonance Therapy Benefits


Bodies are helped by alleviating pain, stress, inflammation and repairs DNA, improved breathing, blood flow, and muscle recovery, etc. It goes that deep, throughout all our systems to the smallest cellular level.


Most notably is that Sensory Resonance Therapy helps with conditions like anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD, Trauma. Provides increased creativity, inspiration, focus, and reminds of our true and clear mental state below our fight/flight that many are living in as a usual thought system.


It is usual for clients to have a sense of wow and bliss due to the Sensory Resonance Therapy experience itself, and of course a changed attitude and mood that aids in recovery of emotional health.


Trauma is notable to speak of here as we use Sensory Resonance Therapy to successfully impact a person’s nervous system. Trauma makes the Nervous System unregulated, which in turn leads to the symptoms of PTSD: anxiety, depression, hyper-arousal/hyper-vigilance, and insomnia. We address this and experience all of the above benefits and trauma release.   We are working to get people to relax and tap into their higher selves where they find all the answers they need.

Sensory Resonance Therapy does all this by resetting the nervous system, physical cellular vibration and specific healing tones are coordinated and designed for optimal healing. The experience induces a changed attitude with mental clarity for a mind state to what is optimal for human wellness. Reintegrating with our mind, our emotions, our body and spirit for balance and getting back to our true nature is for our positive change. We also use sessions for manifestation, assisting you to align with your healing and life's goals.

Sessions can be for individuals, groups, community or private and can be personalized based on each person’s goals, we can also target specific issues and concerns and bring you closer to your wellness.

Take their words for it...

"After my second sound bath at Resonance, I look forward to more and more treatments. Pamela has a soft, calming energy and is perfect for leading the sound bath. I brought two friends and we all enjoyed it and got a lot out of this meditation."

Yelp Review - Jane

"Having tried the Sound Bath at Resonance Ventura, I was eager to try the immersive sensory experience called Sensorium.

Without waxing poetic, let me just say "You have to try this!"

I'd never done anything quite like it. My session lasted just half an hour, but I was transfixed and transported through modulating vibration, sound, and visual stimulation. The best I can tell, one's monkey mind and forever-chatter abate and the present moment is expanded, the results of which induce the body and the mind to experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation. I will do this again."

Yelp Review - Eve

“I got an opportunity to experience the Sensorium session, it was something like I never experienced before, a complete deep relaxing, kind of out of body feeling. I listened to the sound waves and felt the vibration move through my entire body. I can't remember the last time I felt so Zen or chill. My body felt great and full of energy. I'm a private chef and cater allot and for me this is just what I needed, I'm looking forward to my next session."

Yelp Review - Marie

"I had the pleasure of experiencing Pamela's healing, relaxing Sound Bath. It gave me a calm feeling of well being which was healing. She really knows what she's doing and I can't wait to go back again soon. Thank you Pamela."

Yelp Review - Linda


A groundbreaking technology brings together sound, light and vibration into a drug free mind / body harmonious experience. You will be immersed in a state of sensory resonance unlocking for you new depths of relaxation and introspection.

- You must try this.”

"Pamela is an incredibly kind and in tune healer. She is able to hold space for you. The sensorium treatment is so divine and it has helped me feel lighter during my grief over the loss of my mom. I’m really grateful for these treatments."

Google Review - Lauren

"The Sensorium at Resonance was an relaxing hour filled with sound and vibration. It brought a deep sense of calm and released all my built up stress. Spending time with Pamela is something you will not regret. Thanks for the great session."

Yelp Review - Dee

"I stopped in for a session of vibrational therapy. What an amazing experience. It was relaxing and it was energizing as well. Pamela was wonderful explaining everything and really helped me to choose the right therapy for me at the time. The space is beautiful, clean and relaxing . I look forward to returning for more vibrational therapy and sound baths."

Google Review - Mindy

"We had such a great time! We were all impressed with the beautiful place and setting in the Ventura Harbor. The fresh air and convenient free parking set the stage for what was to come. Various combinations of tones would resonate and overlap, and we were taken on a mesmerizing journey. It was super relaxing and energizing at the same time! I would definitely recommend a sound bath by Pamela and Resonance Ventura."

Yelp Review - Eve

Spirit Animal Totem


“Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit!”, if exclaimed on the first of every month is said to bring good luck. But a Chinese proverb warns not to depend on a lucky rabbit’s foot for fortune, as ‘it didn’t turn out so well for the rabbit, did it?’ The collective archetype found in the symbol of the Rabbit around the world is as diverse as all the world’s cultures. The meaning of Rabbit can range from brave to cowardly, lucky to tricky, abundant to victim depending on your ethnic background. This diversity of meaning illustrates the underlying spiritual nature of Rabbit medicine as highly interpretive and adaptable. Erratic and unpredictable, this animal warrior leaps at life with humble pride and teaches the difference between caution and fear, movement and stillness, and the snares of jumping to conclusions too quickly. Rabbit also shows us how to enjoy the meadow and the day despite the dangers circling all around. She has learned how to live with lots of stress and to bear the strain of enemies always nearby. She chooses a peaceful life for herself despite being hunted by many. Her lessons dwell in the realm of bravery. Rabbit knows that courage is fear walking. We can not expect ourselves to not feel fear. Only fools live in such disconnect from reality. But we can learn how to not let our fears overpower us and shut us down. We can proceed with what we feel is right while bearing the burden of fear with us. Rabbit asks you to shake out of that frozen fearful state and find your power to jump.

Credit and "Thank you" Urban Healers of LA / urbanhealersofla.com

In the heart of the beautiful Ventura Harbor with a waterfront view!

Resonance / Definition

"Resonance is the phenomenon where an object or system vibrates in response to an external force at a particular frequency, amplifying the natural frequencies and creating a powerful, harmonious effect."

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Resonance - Origin

The term "resonance" originates from the Latin word "resonare," meaning "to resound" or "to echo." It was first used in this context in scientific literature during the 17th century.

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Resonance Sound Therapy/Vibrational Healing/Sound Therapy

Vibrational healing, also known as vibrational sound therapy or energy medicine, is a holistic healing practice that uses vibrations and sound to promote wellness and balance in the body. It's based on the idea that everything in the universe is constantly vibrating, including the body, and that specific vibrations can realign and harmonize the body's energetic systems

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955 Navigator Drive, #101, Ventura CA 93001

Free Street and Lot Parking

Park at the end of Navigator, walk onto the Promenade, stay Right to the 1st walkway and follow the purple "SoundBath" signs to unit 101

Looking forward to healing with you!

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